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Union Grove Wisconsin Flea Market

2024 Wisconsin Flea Market Season

Saturdays!  May 4, June 22, August 24, and September 14

Market Hours:  7am to 3pm


We let vendors in at daybreak for our regular flea markets.   Vendors pay at setup.   We have plenty of space and won’t turn vendors away.   

Please call Zurko Promotions at 715-526-9769 for questions.

ALL spaces $35 for approximately 35 ft. x 25 ft. area, and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  One vendor & one vehicle per space.  You may park your vehicle and trailer in your space if your vehicle/trailer fits in one space.

Please bring your own tables and chairs.   We do not have tables available for rental at this time.

The flea market is held in the Racine County Fairgrounds, 19805 Durand Ave., Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Setup is at daybreak (approximately 5am) -no early setups are allowed.  Flea Market hours are 7am to 3pm.  Sorry, at this time overnight camping is not permitted.

No Refunds will be given – once you have paid your space rental fee NO RAIN REFUNDS!  All sellers are responsible for cleaning up their own trash and removing ALL boxes and packing materials from the Park. PLEASE:  NO NAILS in trees, fences, or buildings.

Please, no early packing.

Food vendors must be approved.  Call 715-526-9769 for details.

Items not allowed: food, soft drinks, soda or any other beverages to be consumed on grounds.  NO alcoholic beverages, animals, firearms & ammunition, knives, BB & paint guns, cross bows, e-cigarettes, martial arts weapons, ivory, used bedding, drug paraphernalia, pornography, fireworks, or other commodities prohibited by law, including any merchandise that violates trade­mark, trade name or copyright laws.  Violators of the above may be asked to leave.

Management reserves the right to assign spaces when necessary and to revoke this permit and right to sell at any time; and to refuse issuing a permit to any Vendor whose merchandise, appearance, or actions are detrimental to the Good Nature of this Market. We reserve the right to revoke any seller’s permit and eject an exhibitor at our discretion.

Seller agrees to accept and assume full liability for any loss or injury to himself, agents, customers, or employees at any time or from any cause while on the premises of the Market.

WE ARE NOT LIABLE for theft, damage or injury occurring at the Flea Market. NO alcoholic beverages may be sold OR consumed on the grounds.

Violators will be asked to leave, VENDORS you will NOT get a refund if asked to leave!   Sorry, no pets allowed.


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